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Conditions of Use

Responsible Person

Idea & Creation and all-round responsible person:
Mary Condotta
Darmstaedter Landstr. 93
60598 Frankfurt am Main

According to the German law (§ 5 Abs. 1 Nr. 6 TMG), I don't publish my tax number (Steuernummer) here but it will be inserted in my invoices.

Privacy Policy

I don't use your data in any way whatsoever other than to answer your inquiry.
In other words, I just save your eMail address if you contact me.
I guarantee that I won't sell or give your data to anybody, ever.
In summary, your anonymity is safe.
That is my personal commitment to you as a potential client.

Google Analytics

Like millions of other website owners, I use Google's Analytics to measure how people in general use my web site.
You will find a "cookie" on your PC from my web site which has been stored by Google's Analytics.
Google uses the "cookie" to measure and record things about visitor behaviour in an anonymous form.
They record things like the website you came from, how long the average visitor spends on a page, which page on my web site is the most visited page and stuff like that.
They then give me an aggregated version.
What I receive is completely anonymous.
I don't know anything about individual visitors.
The tracking information allows me to better understand the kind of people who come to my site and what content they’re reading and/or looking for.

If you prefer not to be recorded

I know of 2 ways of doing this:
You can set your browser to refuse cookies.
Or you can install Google's very own plugin into your browser to avoid being recorded by Google Analytics tracking software.

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