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Looking for an interpreter or translator in Frankfurt, Cologne or Essen for a trade fair translation?

Free offer, no obligations

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Who translates for you at trade fairs?

Do you need someone for translation work at a trade fair?
Maybe a trade fair in Frankfurt am Main, Germany or Treviso, Italy?
Maybe you'll be at the next Ambiente or Achema or Prolight or Musikmesse?
Or you need a hostess for the next IMEX or Tendence or IAA or my personal favourite, the Buchmesse or Book Fair?
Or any one of a number of other trade fairs in Frankfurt.
Perhaps you're going to one of the trade fairs in Padova or Vicenza or Verona.
Maybe someone who speaks 4 major European languages, Italian, Spanish, German and, of course English, could help you with your translation needs?

What can you expect from an interpreter?

Most people visit trade fairs either as exhibitors/sellers or visitors/buyers.
Perhaps you are a buyer and need translations by a multilingual interpreter?
Maybe you are an exhibitor or seller and need someone to translate for you so that your company can reach European markets and gain greater market shares?
Either way, I can help you to achieve your goal:
I am a professional simultaneous interpreter & translator, sometimes known as a linguist since I translate from English to German, to Spanish, to Italian and vice-versa.
I have not only a deep understanding of the people and countries whose languages I speak, but am also qualified for business translations. So that I can allow my clients to seek new professional contacts and to deepen and accompany them later in business negotiations.

Free offer, no obligations

I will gladly send an offer to you for free, and without any obligation on your part.
As a freelance interpreter, I'm available for individual half days, full days or periods of several days, depending on your needs.
The easiest way is simply to send me a message.

How can I, as a translator, help you?

Let me be your Babel fish as in Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. And like the title of the novel: Don't Panic! I assure you, you will find your market.
As an multilingual interpreter I can effortlessly switch between English and Italian and Spanish and German. I can promote your company & products or I can help you secure competitive prices, depending on whether you're a seller or buyer.

Mary saved us on quite a few occasions. Great language skills! She's easy to get along with and she's a great seller. Our customers feel ‘at home‘ and we understand each other straight away. We trust her and so do they. That let's us focus on the business. Thanks to her, we have customers all over Europe. Looking forward to next year.

Sergio Bulgheroni, Owner and CEO Bulgheroni Bros.

Who am I?

My name is Mary Condotta.
I'm an Italian who grew up in Australia.
I lived for several years in Spain.
And to top it all, I've split the last 30 years of my life between Frankfurt, Germany and Treviso, Italy.
In short, I speak business Italian, Spanish, German & English fluently.

Let me help your business to grow and flourish in Europe.
Send me a message.
I'll get back to you.

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